So the final figures are out and we apologise for the long wait….

As much as this year’s Festival was not a major success in terms of festival attendee numbers, with having our Generosity fundraising campaign running at the same time and with the help of Sam McClean AKA the Rhino Warrior, we have managed to raise R100 000 for Rhino Conservation.

As much as this is not a massive amount, this is the most money we have ever been able to raise after festival costs etc, so the entire crew is pretty happy with that!

So our donation split will go as follows:

Protrack Rhino Task Team – R50 000
Black Mambas – R20 000
Rhino Revolutions Rhino Orphanage – R20 000
Bongi’s Quest – R10 000

After making the above donations to our beneficiaries, Rocking For Rhinos will be left with just over R6 000 in our bank account which we will add to our next event preparations.

We would like thank all of our Sponsors, Bands, service providers, festival attendees and of course the entire R4R crew for all coming together to do something for conservation and our beneficiaries!!

Keep Rocking For Rhinos!

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