The Balule Rhino Conservation Project currently deploys 26 Black Mambas, 19 armed guards within the Balule boundaries and 10 armed guards on a tactical response vehicle which patrols outside the Balule boundaries. This has been done in conjunction with the Extended Public Works Program administered by SANParks, Transfrontier Africa, the Endangered Wildlife Trust (through My Planet), Rette da nas Horn and Rhino Mercy.

This project is also a social upliftment program which aims to address unemployment and assist with skills development in South Africa. The South African National Parks Board (SANParks) will function as the implementation agent for this program and, therefore, carries the responsibility to government for persons employed by the project. Transfrontier Africa acts in its capacity as the host agent on behalf of SANParks and accommodates the 26 women and 29 men from the local previously disadvantaged community. SANParks pays their wages while the Olifants West Conservation Trust is responsible for their training, equipment, uniforms and transport.