On a different level, Bongi’s Quest is a fun and educational book aimed at children between the ages of 5 – 10. Bongi gives the rhino a name, identity and personality, allowing children to familiarize themselves with this character, giving them a more personal connection to this threatened species and more of a reason to protect the Rhino population as a whole.

Bongi’s Quest is an educational drive that serves not only to educate, but empower the children around the Kruger National Park and the world against rhino poaching.

“Rocking For Rhino’s has been a part of the funding of this project from its early days in 2012, which provided initial seeding money to distribute the first lot of books around the Kruger National Park. In subsequent years, their donations have enabled the book to be translated into 8 different languages and has to date reached over 13 countries globally with a staggering 25,000+ books being distributed” ( Chris Daniel- Author and Founder Bongi’s Quest)
Bongi’s Quest has more recently been translated into Vietnamese and is being printed and distributed in Vietnam. This is a far greater strong-hold for Bongi’s Quest as it targets the users of rhino horn and in essence, is now targeting the problem directly and not just the symptom of rhino poaching. All efforts are now concentrated to continue to spread Bongi’s Quest throughout Vietnam and then branch from there into China and Hong Kong. As always, this requires funding and persistence for it is not a quick fix. I do not believe that we can change the ways of adults, but children are pliable and very influential and thus our target market for this anti-poaching project.
“I am truly honoured to be and remain a beneficiary of the Rocking For Rhino’s concerts, not only for the fuel that they supply to the project yearly, but for the fantastic job and opportunity that they offer. Bringing so many people from all walks of life together for a single purpose and towards a common goal is truly a magical experience this is not to be missed.” Chris Daniel

"Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world"-Nelson Mandela.

Chris Daniel- Founder and Author
072 2035 496