Flying For Rhino And Conservation Trust

Based at Hanger 23, Hoedspruit Civil Airfield, Flying for Rhino And Conservation Trust is a registered NPO that has been operational for over two years in Limpopo and the Hoedspruit area.

Through donor funding we provide free air support to reserves that harbor rhino & endangered species. Our pilots are highly qualified with years of operational experience. We have three full-time aircraft in the organization, and work in conjunction with ground teams to ensure increased operational success.

We currently support large areas around the Hoedspruit area, as requested by the respective Wardens, and the Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit. We also support private rhino owners on several game farms around the Hoedspruit area, as well as the Limpopo Rhino Security Group which protects a very large number of rhino.

Our operational methods have proven effective, and we will gladly provide reference letters from individuals and organizations that we support, stating our effectiveness, professionalism, and dedication.

We are in desperate need of flying hours, and every cent donated will go directly to aircraft running costs.

“Flying for Rhino and Conservation Trust has supported the Limpopo Rhino Security Group NPC (non Profit Company) for the past two years by providing air support and aerial surveillance overhead the parks and game reserves that form the Limpopo Rhino Security Group.

Flying for Rhino & Conservation Trust supports the Limpopo Rhino Security Group in the protection of over 500 rhino within our parks and reserves.

It is our finding that over the past two years no rhino were lost while the F4R aircraft was operational in our area.

Currently we are in excess of 25 rhino losses for 2017, and it is our firm belief that this number would be far lower if we had continuous air support. Flying for Rhino and Conservation Trust’s flying operations play a major role in reducing poaching in our area.

We have formed a great relationship with Flying for Rhino and Conservation Trust, and sincerely value their

professionalism, transparency, and commitment to the cause”

(Carmela Lattanzi)

For more information on Flying For Rhino Conservation Trust please see below:

David Hancock
Flying 4 Rhino & Conservation Trust
mobile: +27(0)712200466