Protrack Rhino Task Team was officially established as a nonprofit company on the 17th July 2013. We realize that there are hundreds, if not thousands of nonprofit company’s all claiming to raise money to protect the Rhino Population of South Africa. So with that in mind, why would we start yet another organization? The explanation to this is quite simple. The founders of the NPO have been operating in the anti-poaching industry for 21 years. Protrack Anti-poaching unit are the oldest and largest private anti-poaching unit in South Africa. Our expertise in this industry can therefore be directly carried forward to our Non Profit Company. We also have the entire infrastructure, the informer network, the mobile reaction and backup, training, management and years of knowledge that one cannot put a price to.

“Thank you Rocking For Rhinos for supporting us over the years, every cent you have raised has gone towards saving the rhinos, we are so grateful to be one of your beneficiaries and to have your never ending support, we know we can always rely on you if we need help with funds or equipment and we look forward to another one of your great events. ”   Kim Belding ( Director Rhino Task Team)

( NPO Number 164-507)

Vince Barkas-0823852690